The Opioid Awareness Project

As an artist, I have a unique opportunity to create awareness of important issues in our world.  For the past six months, I have been painting teenagers and adults that have died from opioid addiction. I have noticed that more families are bringing the problem of opioid deaths to the public forum to bring awareness as well as create a sense of unity among the families.

My paintings put a face to these deaths, making sure that they are seen as people, loved by their families and friends.  These paintings represent real people, not statistics.

Their families have been open about the manner of death in hope of helping others who are also going through this tragedy.  My plan is to give the paintings I do to the families.  My hope is that these paintings help dissolve the stigma of opioid deaths and helps people realize that this could be me, or my family.

This is an illness that has become an epidemic.

Catherine Martin is a painter located in Apex, NC.  Her work is expressive with vibrant colors, bold confident brush strokes, and thick textures.

View Catherine’s website here: http://catherinemartinfineart.com/






Christine Henninger was born in France and has made Elizabeth City her home since 2001.

Surrounded by remarkable color and light at her home in Provence, she began studying watercolors in 86 with Eglantine Amy a well know artist from Aix en Provence.

After several years in Texas, she moved to Indonesia and had a good fortune to study Sumi E and Chinese painting with Madame Chiang Yu Tie a famous Chinese Artist. She continued watercolor studies with a Dutch teacher from the Botanical Garden in Bogor, Indonesia.

Back to France she discovered oil painting and the Italian technique that allowed her to express her artistic goals with a great freedom.

While in Elizabeth City, she continued her studies with Norman Goodwin.  She enjoys every moment while working with different media and sharing the creative process with the other artists around her.

While traveling around the world, she has used light and color as a language to express her emotions in her art. “It is a wonderful feeling to have someone like your creations and to know they are enjoying them in their world.”

Her Art has been displayed in Bandung, Indonesia and in Aix en Provence, France.

In 2009 she started the art of pottery and really enjoys the creation of free forms. Each piece is unique in shape and color.


2010: Landmark Competition at AOA. purchase award.

2011: Currituck show. purchase award

2011: Two persons exhibition at AOA.

2011: One person exhibition at The Red Rabbit Gallery

2011: Currituck show. 4 purchase awards.

2012: AOA Landmark Competition. Honorable Award and purchase award.

2012: Edenton Show. Third Place

Christine Henninger works on commissions and she is member of The Art of the Albemarle, Chowan Art Council, Currituck Art Council and Dare County Art Council Gallery where she displays her art.





Dupuis-Creepy Graveyard

Help Me

As a traveling sales rep, Doug Dupuis has had the opportunity to visit remote and off – beat places. Most people would consider the images he comes across an eye-sore. Doug considers them a work of art.  Doug knows if he did not capture these places and objects in photographs, some would be torn down or crumble with time.

If these structures could talk, imagine the stories they would tell.

Doug Dupuis lives in Wilmington, NC with his wife and two daughters.