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April 2018

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College Of the Albemarle Students Art Show “X2”

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516 Gallery:

Robert Kelly-Goss

Is an artist and a writer, and sometimes a writer and an artist. He began by studying commercial illustration and design, then worked as a designer and a cartoonist for a publication, all the while creating works of art for his own pleasure. At some point he was asked to write a news article, thus beginning his dualistic reality, bouncing back and forth between writing and creating art, creating art and writing.

Over the years his art has appeared in solo and group shows; has been purchased for private and small corporate collections; and on occasion has been commissioned much to the consternation of the artist because it makes him nervous. His primary influences are the post-impressionist painters and the modernists. He once cried when faced with Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in the MOMA, and if he had time would willingly stand for hours staring at Alice Neel’s work anywhere he might find her.

At some point he spent several years running an art gallery in Colorado, selling other people’s art, and his own art, all the while continuing to write for publications.

The artist has won awards for both his writing, and his illustration and design work over the years. These days he finds himself conflicted and bouncing between the professional world where he is a communications director for Elizabeth City State University, and his first love, painting, where he finds himself sequestered in his studio, nestled in the countryside in Weeksville where he once raised sheep and goats, but that’s another story entirely.