Monthly Featured Artists

June 2018

Featured Artists

Jenkins Gallery:

Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  He concentrated on travel photography and traveled the globe as an editorial and assignment based photographer.  His stock photographs are represented by Getty Images and age footstock.  His photographs have appeared in numerous Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Frommers, Fodors, The New York Times, Calliope Childrens Magazine, Vogue, United Airlines Hemispheres, and other magazines.


516 Gallery:

Val Johnson

As a former “Army brat” and military wife, Valerie has moved from place to place most of her life. Settled now in Smithfield, Virginia, she works primarily in felted fiber art, though don’t hold her to it.

Since an early age Valerie has always been involved in artistic endeavors. The experiences she has had from frequently moving with all the entailed changes of environment, people, and ideas have coalesced and found their expression in the variety of media in which she has worked. From paper mache sculptures, costuming, and felting, to ceramics and automata;  her family has said she has creative attention deficit issues, but she says that there are just too many cool crayons in the box not to try them all.

Felting is Valerie’s current focus because it allows her to immerse herself in a medium that encompasses sculpture, painting, art, craft, costuming, and whimsy. She likes the challenge of working in different mediums and incorporating new ideas and concepts into her art. Valerie may begin a felted project that starts as a “painting”, evolves into a sculpture, and in the end is realized as a piece of costuming. She feels that these kinds of zigs and zags require a pretty good sense of humor, which leads to the whimsy often seen in her work.

Currently a juried Virginia Artisan with the Artisan Center of Virginia, you can find her work in the Tidewater area from Norfolk, to Yorktown. You may also see her work online at