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August 2018

Featured Artists

Jenkins Gallery:

Rebecca Davis “Local Flavor”

Painter – Last year’s Landmark Competition Winner

Growing up on the plains of rural South Dakota, Rebecca Davis has always loved open spaces.  A big sky with a visible horizon makes her feel as though she is floating in a world much larger than herself and more wonderful than she can conceive.   With such inspiration around her, she began to sketch at an early age.

As a mostly self-taught artist, Rebecca spent a few years investigating the various mediums of art.  She finally found watercolor and fell madly in love with it.  Its transparent hues are beautiful and “the way water interacts with the pigment is simply amazing.”    With simple forms and color, she could finally transform all those sketches into paintings.

Rebecca traded the grassy plains for the watery coast along the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2007.  Here, she can still float along on a sea of sky, water and amazing sunsets.

She is inspired by nature, both from her days growing up on a farm and by the coastal waterways where she lives now.  Landscapes featuring trees, water, sunsets, and barns will be in abundance.   She also enjoys making abstract and non-objective art.

Her influences include John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet, Albrecht Durer and William Turner, Wassily Kandinsky and Vincent Van Gogh.

“Art extends into infinity – it is endless – boundaries can be broken and limits exceeded.  You are only hindered by how far you want to push your imagination.”

Come check out her work (a sampling below)…

516 Gallery:

Mike Huizenga “Surfing the Jetty”

Sampling below…

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