Investigating Color w/ Chrystal Hardt

Investigating Color

Learn how to make your color really come to life by looking at examples of
color that really works and learning to combine and mix them to create harmonious and also exciting vibrations.  Learn how to mix your own darks and see what a difference this makes in your artwork.  Also learn how to tone down the brights when you want something more subtle.

Instructor:   Chrystal Hardt
Age Range: 16+
Date/Time: Saturday, April 21st, 9:30am-4:30pm
Location:    Arts of the Albemarle, 516 E. Main S, Elizabeth City
Tuition:        $150/student
Required Materials

Register by April 16th, by phone at 252-338-6455 OR in-person at 516 E. Main St, Elizabeth City 



Chrystal Hardt is a visual artist with many years of experience painting and exploring the world through visual media.  She has been exhibiting her work since her first solo show in Hillsborough in 1991 and continues to show regularly throughout the Triangle.

Her paintings hang in intimate spaces in collectors homes and in public spaces as well. One of the latest undertakings is the creation of a mural for the Kirby Cultural Arts Center entitled, “Dancing on the Roof”, which depicts people of many backgrounds dancing as one in the circle dance of life.

 My paintings are about energy and emotion and movement.  They have many inspirations. 
Most are figurative in nature showing our interconnectedness to all things. I strive to have my paintings work on an abstract level by focusing on color relationships, interesting shapes, good contrast between light and dark, and a balance between emotion and mystery.